Cat Grooming

By nature, cats are extremely fastidious and for the most part they can take care of themselves very well, but sometimes a little help is needed.

Unfortunately, their saliva does not contain any magical enzymes, shampoo, a comb, or nail clipper. So cats often suffer from matted coats, dandruff, grease and oils, litterbox odour, long sharp claws, fleas, hairballs, and shedding hair We want to help your cat and you!

Come visit us at Mt Maunganui

Minutes away from Tauranga or Papamoa

How can grooming help my cat?

  • Reduces hairballs because of reduced shedding
  • Reduce shedding from a real wet bath and hand blow dry
  • No more mats and tangles with regular maintenance
  • Remove pelted, painful matting
  • Clean and remoisturize skin and coat, reducing dandruff and dander
  • Keep him cool and comfortable with a lion trim or plush cut
  • Never again battle him to comb out shed hair or dangerously cut out mats with scissors
  • Keep sharp claws from growing into pads, or cutting into furniture or skin

Cat and Rabbit Grooming – From $85.00


Cat Size Tidy Up / Desh Grooming Breed
Large $90 $95 MAINECOON
Rabbits $89 $95 ALL BREEDS

Rochelle Turner

I just want to say thank you very much for Zahlas groom on Saturday, when I picked her up she looked stunning!! until we got home and she went and laid in the dirt.....haha. You always do a great job! Thanks!

Tippy's Mum

Very good service and I really like that you don't put my dog in a cage. Nice groom. I will be back and recommend your place.

Mary Dods

My dog Cody has been going to ShowDogs since he was a puppy. Cody is now 3 years old. He gets groomed every 6 weeks and always has a good groom. Cody also goes to Doggy Day Care 3 times a week, and absolutely loves it. He thinks he is the boss sometimes. There is never a time that Cody has not wanted to get out of the car to go to ShowDogs. He loves Jess and the girls, who are very good with him and the other dogs there. I would have no hesitation in recommending ShowDogs to prospective people wanting a good groom for their dogs and the doggy day care facility offered.


Danelle Bain

Our first trip ever to the groomers with our long haired German Shepherd and I am Soooooooo impressed! Thank you so much, she looks and smells AMAZING!

Kev, Leanne, Hannh and Zin

We had our pup Zinny groomed last week, thank you for a job well done.


Daniela Davies

I highly recommend ShowDogs for pet grooming and their other services. I have been a client of Tatiana's for 5 years and I know that she is a highly qualified dog groomer, a very good pet owner and she employs only qualified helpers. She has always done a very good job with our Shih-Tzu x Bichon Panda. Thank you for the great service.

Bronwynne Excell

Many many thanks for your continued grooming and special care, of my 18 year old Pomeranian, "Kujo", I'm very thrilled to announce that Kujo showed at Tauranga this last weekend, at the Pomeranian Show, and got "Veteran in Show", thank you Tatiana, and your wonderful staff for taking such good care of all my babies.