Dog Nail Trimming Tauranga

Dog Nail Trimming Services in Tauranga Available from Our Groomers

Dog nail trimming in Tauranga is essential to keep your dog’s nails short. If dogs had not become domesticated, they would have kept their nails short as they hunted for food. Since domestication, dogs depend on their owners to maintain their nail lengths, as they don’t walk on a wide variety of surfaces as when they were wild. By trimming them regularly, owners ensure they remain short.

What You Should Know About Dog Nail Clipping in Tauranga

There are various methods available to maintain the length of your dog’s nails. Between clippings, you could consider using a scratchpad which assists in filing the nails as your dog scratches on it.

  • Nail clippers or guillotine: Dog nail clippers differ from human clippers, which are the wrong shape and will hurt your dog.
  • Nail grinders: Pet nail grinders this is a quick process which allows the groomer to round off the sharp edges of the nail while sanding them down.
  • Alternative methods: Some dogs never grow accustomed to having their nails trimmed. Outdoor activities will help work the nails down slightly, but never get them short. Filing their nails is a time-consuming alternative yet achieves the desired result.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Dog Nail Clipping in Tauranga

Long nails are uncomfortable for a dog and can cause injuries which would require veterinarian attention. When the nail protrudes over the paw pad, it prevents the pad from making proper contact with the surface the animal walks or runs, and when your dog proceeds to grip with his paws, the long nails could break and twist, injuring the nail beds.

  • Clipping the nail quick: Situated just beyond the nail pulp, you find the nail quick which contains nerves and blood vessels. Cutting the quick is a painful experience for your dog and can cause profuse bleeding.
  • Cutting too much off: Depending on the interval between nail trimming, your dog’s nails might be excessively long. It is never good to clip the nails back entirely during one session, but it’s preferential to remove less nail at shorter intervals, as this will cause the quick to retract, which in turn will facilitate shorter clipping at the next session.
  • Not introducing young dogs to nail clipping: By not introducing your dog to nail clipping from an early age, he will be tense and uncomfortable during nail trimming sessions.

It is advisable to leave nail trimming to the professionals. Our trained groomers clip dog nails without hurting or traumatising them.

Why You Should Use ShowDogs

Our founder, Tatiana, started training and grooming dogs from the age of 12 and some of the qualified groomers at our facility hold internationally recognised qualifications. For your convenience, our budget-friendly services include collecting your dog when you are unable to drop him off.

His paws are his tools, be a dog owner who cares and ensure they are in perfect form, call us today to book an appointment.